Stock Boxes

Stock BoxesWe warehouse a wide variety of sizes of that we keep on hand for quick turnaround with many applications; ready to ship or pick-up.

人民币扎金花ideal for packaging, shipping, or storage, stock regular slotted cartons (rsc) are versatile and affordable.

Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes人民币扎金花When stock just won’t do, B&B Box Company can design and manufacture the perfect packaging for your unique needs!

人民币扎金花no minimum orders, fast turn around, and unbeatable customer service and pricing makes ordering custom boxes easy.

Packaging Supplies

Packaging SuppliesWhether you are selling a few items on E-bay or shipping containers of your product, B&B Box Company has the most popular packaging and shipping supplies in stock for you. We can help coordinate all your packaging and shipping needs.

Interior Forms

Interior Forms人民币扎金花Now that you have found the right box, you probably will need pads or partitions to protect your product. Either stock forms or custom per your requirements, we have exactly the right interior form to protect your product.


TraysTrays are useful for carrying spare parts, loose items, plants, miscellaneous items. Do you need to organize bulk parts or merchandise? We have bin boxes too!

Die Cut Boxes

Die Cut BoxesHave a truly different product or special packaging problem? Die-cut boxes may be your answer! The Die-cut box is a custom design with many more style possibilities allowing for unusual cuts, slots and scores.

contact one of b & b box company’s packaging experts today and we will design the ideal packaging solution for your needs.